Kate Upton Is the Susan B. Anthony of Our Generation

Kate Upton is predominately known for her ample breasts. That is partially the responsibility of this website, whose employees… well… like her breasts. And since she shares them so readily, we see no problem with spreading their gospel.

Did you know, however, Ms. Upton is also a feminist? I did not, until this tweet yesterday.


You are goddamn right, Kate. That is wrong.

I’m not making a joke here. Male-only/male-centric country clubs are stupid, ridiculous relics of a past culture that was–and to a large extent still is–inherently misogynistic. Hopefully, this puts some pressure on the Los Angeles Country Club to have less inane laws.

Just kidding. Women can’t be on the course in the a.m. That’s when us guys like to play with our dicks hanging out our pants.