Need Further Proof Katy Perry Is Bro AF? Here She Is Rocking Every Dude’s Favorite Sandal

I don’t think we’ve ever taken a side in the long-simmering Katy Perry-Taylor Swift feud. That’s because we think both are fantastic. I’m jamming out to some KP right now, but I will definitely groove to some TS later.

That said, it’s definitely an easy answer as to which of the two is more bro. That’s fucking simple.

It’s Katy Perry. Remember the fire-breathing LION she rode into the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift can’t top that shit. But if you need any more proof, here’s Katy Perry rocking a pair of sandals you owned in high school.

That’s the original Adilette Slide, and try and tell me you didn’t own a pair. Try. I wore mine all through high school and college, and just bought a new pair a few years back.

I still wear them every day.

Bro as fuck? Fuck yea, Katy Perry is Bro as fuck.

And she roasted Taylor Swift on Twitter.

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