Katy Perry’s Cleavage Is A+++++ In Her New Spread In ‘Vogue’

by 4 years ago


I don’t really listen to Katy Perry’s music but you know what? I like her anyway. Mostly because she hates Taylor Swift and I’m convinced that Swizzurp is actually a giant bitch who fakes it for the cameras, but it’s not like Katy Perry has really done anything wrong to me. Sure every radio station in the goddamn county went on a 4-month binge of playing “Dark Horse” at least once every 20 minutes and it sort of made me want to pull a Van Gogh, but that’s not so much her fault as it is the radio stations’. WHAAAtever. Here’s KP in Vogue:

Puzzles puzzles are no fun unless we solve them for everyone: fdsfs Oh and here’s some vaguely naked Katy Perry. Wahoo.

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