New TV Star Kelly Brook Really Tested The Limits Of Instagram’s ‘No Nudity’ Policy

Former British glamour modeling legend Kelly Brook has finally made it in Hollywood. She’s actually starring in a TV show that I have heard of called One Big Happy. And only is she finally on a TV show, it’s a show that will air on NBC and is produced by Ellen DeGeneres. Bro fave Elisha Cuthbert plays one of the main characters.

Which is why I find it odd that Kelly Brook is still posting damn-near naked photos to her Instagram account. Is this some sort of marketing for the show? Because if it is, it’s working because in a million years I never would have mentioned the show One Big Happy on this site if not for them.

Sorry I had to blur out the naughty bits. They’re on Instagram, so as Chelsea Handler is more than aware, I really shouldn’t have had to do that with photos that have been posted on there. Maybe they have a stake in the show or something. Whatever the reason, here they are and for the full un-censored versions just head on over to Kelly’s Instagram while they’re still there. As you will notice, she’s really good at Instagram.