Kelly Hall, Matt Stafford’s Gorgeous Fiancee, Had Bikini Bachelorette Party And I Would Have Done Anything To Be There (PICS)

While most fans focus their attention to the whirlwind of NFL free agency and studying mock drafts to see which star college players their favorite team will select, I’m more concerned about a different kind of offseason news. Like Kelly Hall’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas. One of the hottest WAGs in the game was celebrating the last days of her unmarried lifestyle with her ridiculously hot friends before she marries Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford.

The smokeshow clique stayed at the Cosmopolitan and thankfully they documented their heavenly debauchery on Instagram with the hashtag “#hallpass4415.” My hall pass must have gotten lost in the mail.

The former University of Georgia Cheerleader shows she still get her cheer on.

When I do shots with my friends it doesn’t look like this whatsoever. My crew doesn’t even look like the same species as these lovely ladies.

How is there not a video of Kelly Hall & Co. practicing their stripper moves? And if there is how much do you want for it?

Keep your friends close and their perfect ass even closer.

Yeah, I definitely should have dressed in drag and attended Kelly’s bachelorette party.