Kendall Jenner Chopped ALL Her Hair Off And Now She Looks Like Justin Bieber With A Vagina

by 4 years ago


From an objective standpoint, Kendall Jenner is HOT. Long legs that never stop plus a tight torso = boner city for 99% of the straight men in the world. In fact if you go and Google “is Kendall Jenner hot” like you’re some sort of indecisive asexual moron, five of the first seven results you get contain the word “sexy” or one of its variants, with the other 2 results being bikini photos (which is basically the same thing):



You know what you get when you Google “is Rosie O’Donnell hot”?


Dumpster fires fo’ days, baby. And while I wouldn’t say that Kendall Jenner’s new butch-lookin’ haircut makes her a dumpster fire, it does make her look like the girl version of Justin Bieber…which could still make her a dumpster fire depending on how you feel towards the Biebs.

So without further ado, let’s look at this shitty haircut!

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of course I said yes 👰🏽 #Chanel #HauteCouture

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The fuck am I even looking at



Even Justin thinks it looks like dogshit.


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