Khloe Kardashian Is Showing Off A Hint Of Nipple On Instagram

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Okay so Khloe Kardashian is still the dungeon troll of the Kardashian family (even if she’s the most level-headed and cool one out of all of them, sorry Khloe you’re like 8 feet tall you’re just genetically doomed), but at least she’s been trying. Trying! A+ for effort Khloe. You lost weight and you hit the gym and your face no longer looks like a swollen bowl of chocolate pudding, which honestly is the best compliment anyone can give anyone else.

As for Khloe throwing up some subtle nipple on Instagram…eh. I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen better. It’s through a sheer shirt so she won’t get flagged which is smart, but she looks like a blowup doll from this angle, which is blegh.


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Gym work!!! #Fitness

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See?? That’s effort!

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