Let’s Pretend To Hate This Photo Of Khloe Kardashian’s Thick Ass Together

by 3 years ago

I already know what you’re going to say. You hate the Kardashians. They’re not bro. I’m a fucking shitbag for giving them attention. You’re going to unfollow our Facebook page. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we funneled all of our hate into making fun of the Kardashians instead of complaining about this post?

Khloe posted this photo of her ass crease jutting out of her sweatpants.

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Good morning ☕️

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We could say, “Wow. It must be really uncomfortable to lay on a prosthesis like that.”

Or we could say, “This is what happens when you suck all the fat from your tummy to your butt.”

Maybe we could say, “The Kardashians are the biggest asses.”

How about, “Hockey goalies wish their crease was this ginormous.”

Ok, let’s try this, “Everyone should have known Lamar Odom had a drug problem, he was smoking fatties.”

Perhaps, “Drug dealers wish they had this much crack.”

Or, “If there are muffin tops, this is the yucky muffin bottom.”

We can agree that, “If only her actual talent was this big.”

Maybe, “I’d tell another joke, but fuck it.”

See, we’re on the same team, we don’t need to hate each other when we can hate the Kardashians.

Full disclosure, I’d still put my nose in there and give that caboose a big ole smooch.

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