Here’s Some New Naked Pictures Of Kim Kardashian Because Apparently We Can’t Go A Week Without Seeing Her Nude



I think women are beautiful inside and out, and that the female figure is ridiculously sexy no matter how thin or how thick it is.

With that being said…can we PLEASE take a break with the Kim Kardashian naked pictures?? No really, it’s getting to the point where no matter where I turn I see Kim K’s giant butt flopping its way into my face and honestly I’m getting tired of it. Remember how everyone started (and never really stopped) hating Paris Hilton back in the 00’s when she was all over television and seemingly stalking you at all hours of the day? That’s what this is turning into. I mean LOOK AT IT:


And some more butt, because at this point I’m convinced Kim is contractually obligated to flash her ass-cheeks in every professional photo shoot until the day she dies:


You can see the uncensored one HERE, but why bother? It’s just more butt.

[Images via Instagram]