Want To See What Kim Kardashian’s MySpace Page Looked Like In 2006?


Image Via MySpace, I Guess

My buddy Cooper at Mic just passed this along to me, and I’m sharing it because it’s too good to pass up.

Remember the old Top 8, where MySpace listed the eight people you — fuck man, I forget. Interacted with? Selected to show your love? Wanted to bone? Asking me to remember how MySpace worked is like asking a dog to recite the Constitution.

Well, whatever it did, in her Top 8 is then boyfriend, and soon to be infamous sex tape partner, Ray J.


Again, this is image is probably technically via my Space

Yea. They liked each other.

Disappointingly, I never got to fuck anyone who was in my Top 8. But I only used MySpace for the semester I had to for a class. I thought I was going to get to bone a girl in that class, but I did not.

To see a full breakdown of Kim Kardashian’s MySpace page, from its inception to when she stopped using it, head on over to Mic. And give them a follow on the social medias. They pretty awesome.

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