Watch Kim Kardashian Strip Completely Naked To Promote Her Horrendous TV Show

Did you realize that this will be the 10th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? 10 fucking seasons of in-depth discussions about selfies, manufactured inconsequential drama and arguments over what color Rolls Royce Ghost they should get. Somehow the vapid show was even renewed for another three years and the Kardashians were rumored to get a fat $100 million payday. Now think about this, Breaking Bad had only five seasons. Sometimes life isn’t fair or even make sense.

Despite how offensively godawful the show is, I am a sucker for some Kim Kardashian nakedness. Instead of watching 20 episodes of Lord Dickstick argue with a Kardashian sister who’s first name starts with a “K,” I will bring you the lone 24-second highlight of the upcoming season of KUWTK (I’m disgusted at myself for knowing that acronym).

This clip from the Season 10 premiere is Kim getting completely naked because she is attempting to get pregnant again and she’s having sex with Kanye like “500 times a week.” So of course she has to show the world her goodies before the pregnancy alters her body. One-year-old North West must be so proud.

Without further adieu, here are those fantastic funbags.