Based On These New Pictures, I Think It’s Time Kylie Jenner Just Admits To Getting Breast Implants


It should be of no surprise to anyone that someone in the Kardashian Klan got a body enhancement, I know this. Those girls change their faces more than the average person flosses their teeth. I get an anxiety attack when my barber takes too much off the sides, and the Kylie injects plastic into her face when she’s having a bad day. I’m not sure what the end goal is but I can’t say I’m disappointed in the current product. She does, however, run the risk of going full Michael Jackson. With plastic surgery, the line is fine. One surgery can turn 2004 Sammy Sosa into 2017 Sammy Sosa.

Last year, Kylie tried to dismantle rumors about her getting breast implants, claiming that the culprit was “hormones.” I’d like to hear Kylie’s defense for these pictures, where she seemingly has two Spalding basketballs under her shirt.

For a little context:

Kylie, it’s cool. We won’t judge you. I used a penis pump once. Added two inches. Doubled the size. You’re not alone.