Lady Gaga’s Haircut Makes Her Look Like The Kid From Elementary School Who Spent All Day Eating Glue


Youtube Screenshot

I’ve had really shitty haircuts in the past, but it was because I was either a child who let my parents dictate the type of cut I got or because I’m dirt poor and refuse to live my life with my hair down to my ankles like some hipster schmuck outta Brooklyn. Despite both of these scenarios occurring regularly throughout my life, I have never, EVER gotten a haircut like this:

The fuck am I looking at? Who cut those bangs? Why are there 5 different layers of various lengths that all look like ass? I could handle the meat suit circa 2010 and all the wacky outfits she’s had since then, but at least she was trying to look like a moron. Now Gaga looks like she’s trying to be normal, and instead looks how I’d imagine Macaulay Culkin would look like if he grew his hair out.

Oh wait..he did.

All he needs are some shittily cut layers and to shave those caterpillar pubes off his face and no one would be able to tell the difference between him and Gaga, which is probably a good thing since everyone thinks he’s dead anyway.

[Header image via YouTube Screenshot]