Meet The ‘Latina Barbie’ With 38DDs Who’s Had 25 Surgeries That Were Absolutely NOT A Complete Waste Of Money

We’ve seen a lot of “Human Barbies” here over the years, but this is our first “Latina Barbie.” As usual, the plastic surgery work she’s had done is as fascinating as it is bizarre.

This particular “Barbie” is named Aleira Avendaño and not only has she completely revamped her body to some very intense specifications, she also has a whole lot of opinions about it and many other fascinating topics.

Reports the Daily Mail

Nicknamed the ‘Latina Barbie’, there is almost no part of Aleira’s body that has not been altered by a cosmetic surgeon.

She said: ‘I’ve had a thousand surgeries… Four boob jobs, six liposuctions, four rounds of buttock injections, three nose jobs, my lips done twice, all my teeth knocked out and replaced with false ones.

Moving systematically down her body, the 5ft 4in model, who weighs 62kg, points out her altered parts; her size 20 waist, size 46 hips, and her prized assets, her breasts, which were a B cup when she began.

‘My chin, neck, hips, gastric bands around my stomach, I’ve even had ribs removed for a more pronounced hourglass figure,’ she said, finishing the list by discussing the corset that has given her her incredible waist, around which she can nearly wrap her hands.

All sounds pretty normal, right?

Well, she also has some opinions on various celebrities that you are going to loooove…

In her most candid ever interview, Aleira, who now has size 38DD breasts, blasted Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj – but defended Kim Kardashian, calling her ‘authentic’ and ‘natural’.

‘What would I change about Kim?’ she began, ‘Nothing, because she’s authentic and she has a lot of money.

‘Beyonce? I’d change her hair, I don’t like it… Nicki Minaj? Everything! I don’t like her at all. Totally crude and low-class. There’s nothing elegant about her. She’s voluptuous, but her style is awful.

‘Victoria Beckham? I’d change everything, because she’s not relevant any more. I like her style and I like her husband even more.

‘But she’s not relevant. I’d change her body, because she has no boobs.

Guys, I think Aleira Avendaño is what is known in many lands as “marriage material,” no? Girl is a definite keeper.

Here are some pics and videos just to turn you on even more…

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