Lea Michele Showed Off Her Mastery Of The Always Appreciated Art That Is Underboob, So Kudos To Her

Lea Michele is finally starting to carve out a nice little post-Glee niche for herself.

No, I am not talking about her role on Scream Queens. I am talking about how she’s becoming one of the more must-follows on Instagram.

I mean, that’s what it’s all about here in 2016 now, right? Getting those key follows and likes from people you’ve never met, nor will ever meet. It’s how personal validation is measured now, right or am I misreading things?

Anyway, whatever. Like I said, Lea Michele has really dialed up her Instagram of late and yesterday she reached peak Insta-model status by sharing her sexiest photo yet featuring some never-before-seen underboob from her.

And while that is very cool of her, I am still a bit disappointed.

The last time we checked on her she was doing a weekly series of photos of herself doing things in bed wearing just her underpants called her “Sunday bed series.”

Problem is, since those pics a month ago, she’s only done one since…

That’s no way to keep those precious likes and follows rolling in, Lea. Time to get back to work.

Either that or more like these, please…

Those’ll work too.

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