Lisalla Montenegro Makes A Strong Case For Sexiest WAG Bikini Butt

lisalla montenegro bikini butt pic

Lisalla Montenegro, Instagram

Since we were already speaking of great butts, Angels pitcher CJ Wilson just happens to be married to former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Lisalla Montenegro and wouldn’t you know it, but she too happens to have a fantastic backside. I know this because Montenegro shared the photo you see below of her pretty perfect posterior lounging by the pool.

Yes, Wilson pitched in the World Series and gets to come home to this every day. Hell the last time we saw Lisalla she was about to fall out of the robe she was wearing. Bro’s got some life. I am so going to start pushing my son to be better at baseball beginning today. I don’t care if it’s minus-1 degrees outside. Gotta toughen him up way before he reaches double digits in age and it’s too late.

BONUS PIC to make you (me) hate CJ Wilson even more…

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