Lord Disick’s New 21-Year-Old Australian Model Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Mixtape

scott disick

Lord Disick’s breakup with Kourtney Kardashian has brought out the best in both of them. Kourtney has embraced her sexiness and has started throwing absolute heaters up on Instagram. Lord Disick can get blasted drunk on a Tuesday morning without having to answer to anyone. After being together for over a decade, it’s very apparent both of them are prowling for some strange.

That is evident in Disick’s new bombshell girlfriend–21-year-old Australian model Megan Blake  Irwin. She is 11 years younger than Scotty, but if I know Scotty like I think I know Scotty, as long as she’s old enough to get wasted in the clubs with him 8 nights a week, she’s golden.

You may want to put a sock over your bedroom door before looking at these.


Lord Disick came in hot with a power move a week ago when he posted this happy birthday photo of he and Kourtney. Keep Megan on her toes. Brilliant.

Let the lord be with you.