Margot Robbie Soaking Wet And Wearing A Bikini Is Like Something Out Of A Dream

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Margot Robbie has been everywhere this week promoting her new film The Legend of Tarzan. Which is awesome by the way. I wish she had a movie coming out every week.

I can only imagine all the press she’s going to be doing when Suicide Squad rolls around if she’s been this visible for Tarzan, a movie that I don’t know a single person who is going to see it.

Regardless, I am VERY happy that she is in Tarzan because without it what are the chances that we’d be getting to see her in a soaking wet shirt and doing fun things in a bikini this week without it? Answer: None.

If you weren’t a fan of hers after hearing about how she was making the rounds at all the pubs in London while filming, I am betting that the video above and the pics fro the new issue of Vanity Fair will get the job done. Even if people are outraged by the article that accompanied it.

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