Margot Robbie Explains 50 Ridiculous Australian Slang Terms And Her Accent Is Almost TOO Hot

Margot Robbie was born for this clip, her sexy Australian accent combined with a ‘zero fux given’ attitude melds perfectly for a tutorial of Australian slang. After watching this I’m fairly certain I could watch Margot Robbie read the phonebook and it would still be a very enjoyable experience, and any concerns I had about Suicide Squad‘s PG-13 rating have vanished because I know she’ll make the trip to the movies worth it.

Also, I’ve never been to Australia, the flight’s too damn long so there’s really no reason that I would’ve ever heard all of these Aussie slang terms until now. But even though I’ve never been to Aussieland I was genuinely surprised at how few of these Australian slang terms I’ve ever heard. I’ve got Australian friends, I’ve spent many a night drinking with Aussies in Central American hostels, and yet I have still never heard 95% of these terms used by Margot Robbie.

Even as she was sliding through all of these phrases on that iPad I was never convinced that any of these were real. ‘Fuckwit’ was obviously a real one, but even she didn’t know what the shit ‘doovalacky’ meant, and ‘fair dinkum’ sounds too foolish to ever be used in everyday conversation. Still though, this was some quality video content from Vanity Fair and I didn’t know they still had it in them to make good content these days, so that was a pleasant surprise.

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