Matt Stafford’s Hot Wife Kelly Went To A Bachelorette Party, Brought Along Her Bikini

It’s been awhile since we checked in on one of our favorite WAGs in sports Kelly Stafford, AKA Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford’s better half.

Mostly that’s just because she hasn’t posted any bikini pics to her Instagram account in a while. Sorry, but it’s true.

In fact, other than the two of them getting married it’s been over a year since Kelly did anything we’ve deemed worthy of your attention. Figures, right? Gets married, fun stops, we’ve all heard that song before.

The last time we saw Kelly doing anything really fun was around a year ago when she was hanging out in a bikini at a bachelorette party with some her friends. Hey look, she did it again! This time in Miami. Cool…

Man, I wish I was friends with Matt Stafford because his wife always seems to hang out with the hottest BFFs.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that there was no game of grabass this year…
Or a group butt photo for posterity.

Man, it really does suck when people get married.

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