British Actress Michelle Keegan Named The Sexiest Woman In The WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD

Michelle Keegan was named the Sexiest Woman on TV by the folks over at FHM about a year and a half ago. We questioned this proclamation, but most certainly appreciated her beauty.

Now this week those crazy Brits have also gone and named the same Michelle Keegan the Sexiest Woman in the World. And while these things are always very subjective and since this was a vote taken in the UK I don’t have a major problem with their choice.

I still prefer last year’s winner better, but that’s okay. Michelle Keegan is without a doubt an extremely attractive woman. So yeah, props to her on this top honor.

The rest of FHM’s top 10 isn’t too shabby either.
1. Michelle Keegan (2014: 2)
2. Kendall Jenner (2014: 31)
3. Jennifer Lawrence (2014: 1)
4. Kate Upton (2014: 18)
5. Caroline Flack (2014: Unrated)
6. Ariana Grande (2014: 77)
7. Margot Robbie (2014: 26)
8. Lucy Mecklenburgh (2014: 8)
9. Emilia Clarke (2014: 11)
10. Kelly Brook (2014: 23)

As you can see from the vote the past two years, they REALLY like them some Michelle Keegan across the pond. And from looks of these videos and some snaps from her Instagram account, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Kelly Brook was also very excited to be included in the Top 10 and we are very excited that she was excited…

She definitely needs to be in the Top 10 again next year.