Is Miles Teller’s Hot Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry Ever NOT In A Bikini?

Keleigh Sperry must own like 100 bikinis.

Not that we’re complaining. Actor Miles Teller’s girlfriend Keleigh Sperry should ALWAYS be in a bikini as far as we’re concerned. And unlike many of the other ladies we’ve made such a wish about it seems like Keleigh Sperry is more than willing to fulfill it.

Of course, if she ever wants to switch it up and pose in some lingerie, well, we’re cool with that as well.

Either way, you just keep being you, Keleigh, and we’ll keep being us. It’s a good system we’ve got going on here.

(And yes, that is Dan Bilzerian in the photo above with Miles and Keleigh because he gets ALL the good things.)