Miley Cyrus Is Looking SEXY AS HELL With New Long Hair, Ultra-Hot Cleavage And Legs

by 5 years ago
miley cyrus long hair

Miley Cyrus, Instagram

Miley Cyrus somehow once again manages to get our attention.

I don’t know what possessed Miley Cyrus to decide to ditch her super short haircut in favor of sexy blonde extensions, but I for one am liking it a lot.

As you will see in the photo below Miley Cyrus had no shortage of choices when it came to picking out her new ‘do. But this new longer blonde look is definitely am improvement in my book.

It’s been almost three years since she cut all her hair off so this new look is quite the major change. The real question only now is whether this is just temporary or will she keep it? (Please let her keep it.)

LOVING the fishnets too, by the way.

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