I Don’t Know Who This Woman Claiming To Be Miley Cyrus Is, But She’s Freaking Me TF Out


For some reason a bunch of new photos of someone appeared on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account over the past several days, but I’m not really sure who the person is. I’m pretty sure it isn’t Miley Cyrus though.

Now I know that this is Miley Cyrus…

miley cyrus hannah montana anniversary

Getty Image

And this is Miley Cyrus…

miley cyrus jimmy kimmel

YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

And this is her as well…

Getty Image

But these pics? Who is this person? And why is she claiming to be Miley Cyrus?











Oh shit, Miley went and rebranded herself AGAIN to sell some new music. So now I guess we’re supposed to forget that she acted like an out-of-control dumpster fire inside a failed nuclear reactor for the last couple of years.

I totally get it. She’s trying to reel those disenchanted Disney kids and moms right back in like nothing happened. She’s totally wholesome again now, you guys! Smooth, Miley, smooth. Or should I say, Hannah?

Then again, this could just be another one of those Miley Cyrus clones we told you about. You know, since Disney killed the real one and buried her in the desert.

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