Video Shows Miley Cyrus Making Out With, Finger Banging Victoria’s Secret Model Stella Maxwell



Miley Cyrus has no qualms about a lot of things. Public drug use, public nudity. It’s why we like her so much. Add to that list publicly fingerblasting a Victoria’s Secret model, which is so Bro, I don’t even know what to do. We should all just resign and hand control of the website over to her.

We reported recently that Miley’s been hooking up with Stella Maxwell. TMZ’s now acquired video of the two of them going at it in a parking lot outside a steakhouse in Los Angeles.

You can watch the video yourself, but as someone who has done his fair share of fingering out in the open, I’m pretty certain that’s what this is. Just look yourself.

TMZ blurred the video, which, I guess is fine. No need to completely and utterly shame two famous people going at it in a public space in 2015.

That’d be wrong.

[Miley Cyrus Stella Maxwell Video via Defamer]

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