Miss April Alexandra Tyler Makes A VERY STRONG Case For Playmate Of The Year

Miss April Playboy Alexandra Tyler


A couple of weeks ago I said that Miss March Chelsie Aryn dressed up like a sexy cowgirl might have locked her in as Playmate of the Year. Miss April Alexandra Tyler is making me reconsider that statement.

Not that I don’t think Chelsie Aryn deserves the title, it’s just that after seeing Alexandra Tyler I am wondering if there have ever been Co-Playmates of the Year. If not, maybe now would be a good time to break precedent.

Miss April 2015 Alexandra Tyler


Tyler, a 20-year-old model from suburban Sacramento is a former high school cheerleader and straight-A student who had plans to become a special-ed teacher until her mom convinced her to attend an open casting call in Los Angeles. A modeling agency signed Alexandra on the spot (duh), and she accelerated her studies to finish high school in three years.

After moving to L.A., Alexandra landed campaigns with L’Oreal and Volcom and was turned on to the idea of modeling for Playboy by longtime friend Miss January 2015 Brittny Ward. “I bought a subscription and became obsessed with becoming a Playmate,” says Alexandra.

Thank you, Brittny Ward. Thank you very much.