Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf Shows Why She Did So Well In The Swimsuit Competition

cassidy wolf

Cassidy Wolf, Instagram

Miss Teen USA 2013 Cassidy Wolf is my favorite Miss Teen USA. Mostly because she’s the only Miss Teen USA I can currently think of, but also because she’s the only Miss Teen USA I see posting bikini pictures like this on Instagram, plus she was the only one I know who’s ever been extorted over nude photos.

I guess now that her reign is officially over she figured what the hell, let’s do a bikini shot for the fans. (Her reign is over, right? She was crowned in August of 2013…quick fact check…yep, it’s over, excellent. Maybe we’ll be getting more like this now.)

Prior to this all we pretty much got were pics like these…solid, but definitely lacking in the bikini department.

I knew there was a reason I stuck with following her on Instagram.

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