Natalie Portman Showed Off Her Underpants, On Purpose, In A SEXY Little Dress In Cannes

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Natalie Portman cannes underwear

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Natalie Portman is definitely making a statement at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Just last week we saw her looking simply gorgeous in a sexy red dress, but over the weekend Portman took things up a notch or five by wearing a dress that very deliberately showed off her underpants. This was no wardrobe malfunction here, folks.

While we’ve become VERY accustomed (almost desensitized) to seeing celebrities wear shocking and revealing outfits to awards shows this dress worn by Natalie Portman at the Cannes Film Festival might be the most shocking of them all. Why? Because it is just SO out of character for her.

That red dress we saw her in the other day in Cannes is what Natalie Portman typically wears on the rare occasion when she attends these public events, but this dress? I wonder what got into her. And will we see more of this from her? Time will tell I guess… and fingers crossed.

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Sweet shoes too. Portman was just en fuego all the way around on Saturday.

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