These NYC Strippers Want To Console Alex Rodriguez After His All-Star Snubbing

Although every single, fucking strip club I’ve ever been to touts itself as being the No. 1 joint in its city, Rick’s Cabaret & Steakhouse in New York City has actually earned the distinction as being the best in the Big Apple.

With four levels of entertainers and a reputation for having some seriously famous guests pop in on more than a few occasions, Rick’s is a place you might want to check out next time you’re in Manhattan.

And while you’re getting a lapper from one of the hotties there, you may just want to shoot the shit about some baseball, because, turns out, the ladies know their stuff when it comes to keeping up with stats.

The club proved that with some photos of dancers donning New York Yankees’ slugger Alex Rodriguez’s jersey, showing that, just because a guy is a bit of a sleazeball, tarnishes his legacy by taking PEDs, lies about it and sends baseballs to chicks with his phone number on it, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the support of other pretty girls.

With A-Rod recently saying that he “would walk” to Cincinnati to play in this year’s All-Star Game, Rick’s dancers figured they would offer up some support by stripping off his jersey now that he got snubbed by voters.

Swinging his bat in a strip club sounds a hell of a lot more fun than swinging one at the All-Star Game, but that’s just my opinion.

[H/T Terez Owens]