Pamela Anderson Finally Revealed What Went On During Playboy Mansion Sex Parties, Says It Was ‘All Systems Firing’



Maybe I’m the odd one out here, but I never knew prior to…oh, about 10 minutes ago that Pamela Anderson was ever at the Playboy Mansion. It makes sense obviously – I mean she’s Pamela Anderson, known Baywatch lady who likes to get naked for magazine covers on a semi-frequent basis. Also she has giant boobs. Also she is hot. Also…yeah I guess I’m an idiot for not just assuming Pamela likes to get her freak on at the Playboy Mansion.

Well lucky for all you perverts out there who can only dream of waving your dick around in the air at the Playboy Mansion, you can now live vicariously through Pamela’s description of what parties at the mansion were like:

The former model and Baywatch actress said it was “all systems firing” when things got extra raunchy at Hugh Hefner’s famous home.

She told FHM: “It was a very sexy time. It was all wild, but respectful.

“The men were elegant, and you wanted to badly get the most charismatic man to notice you. Girls were everywhere, giggling and laughing.”

…She added: “The sex was amazing, all systems firing. People have begged me for details, but a kiss-and-tell is not my style.

“I will say, I’ve never been with someone I’m not madly in love with, willingly… but I do fall in love easily.”

What, were you expecting an erotic novel? This ain’t no pornographic website ya pervert. Take what you can get – these nudes of Pamela and the idea of her having a gang bang at the Playboy Mansion. That’s more than enough for me.

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