Paris Hilton Made Another SUPER SEXY, Yet Horrible Music Video And, Well, Birdman Is In It!

Today we present the musical stylings of one Paris Hilton.

For some reason Paris Hilton is still signed to Cash Money Records and is still recording “music” and making videos. Why? We’re still not sure, but it does explain why this time Birdman makes an appearance in Paris Hilton’s latest music video effort “High Off My Love.” (He is the CEO of Cash Money Records, in case you didn’t know.)

In this particular video we get to see *gasp* Paris Hilton trying to do all sorts of sexy things in what appears to be some kind of sex party in someone’s house while asking “Do you want to get high off my love?” about a trillion times. It’s quite the cinematic/musical masterpiece and sure to win many important awards. Yes, as usual, Paris Hilton’s music videos are best watch with the sound turned off.

I can neither confirm nor deny that the butt in the screencap below is that of Paris Hilton (though I am sure they want you to believe it is even if it isn’t).