Penn State Hottie Drops The Hammer On An Instagram Troll Who Mouthed Off To Her In The Comment Section


Zoë Pugh is a friend of–mainly because she went to Penn State, and our editor Brandon Wenerd is a sucker for chicks from his alma mater. I frequently remind Brandon of a man by the name of ‘Jerry Sandusky’ and I won’t stop until Sandusky’s face is keeping him up at night. I’m a good friend.

Anyway, Zoe is a 21-year-old senior at Penn State who has dreams of becoming a sex therapist. We know this because she told us in an interview we did with her before she took over our Snapchat account in August 2016. So we’re basically dating. She’s amassed a hefty following on Instagram–to the tune of 112,000 followers–and believe it or not, some of those followers are trolls.

Zoe decided to squabble with a particularly aggressive troll who demonstrated how not to internet. She brought the dude’s mother into it, and documented her experience via her Twitter. Check out the fireworks below.



When “playing hard to get” backfires…


Looks like mom may cut off this dude’s allowance. SAD.

Zoe, you’re still ok in our eyes.

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