There’s Nothing About This Photo Of Hef’s Hot Wife Crystal That Isn’t Perfect

by 4 years ago

Crystal Hefner may have put together the perfect Instagram picture here. We’ve got a Playboy Playmate. Always good. She’s wearing a bikini. Also a plus. The bikini looks like pizza. We do love pizza. And she’s holding a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Love those too. This is damn near the perfect photo, people.

I’m just glad she stopped where she did in this photo. Because if she’d done something else like hold a sixer in her other hand my brain probably would have just snapped and disintegrated into dust.

No wonder, out of all the women he had to choose from in his illustrious life, Hugh Hefner married this woman.

And because you can’t come here to check out the Playmate wife of Hugh Hefner and see just one, albeit fantastic, photo here’s a little more of what she’s been up to lately.

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