‘Plus-Size’ Model Shares Unedited Butt Selfie To Promote Positive Body Image And Now It’s Gone Viral

We’ve told you about “plus-size” model Iskra Lawrence before and how she’s declaring war on the fashion industry, but we didn’t realize that she legit meant BUSINESS. In fact most of Iskra’s Instagram account is dedicated to body positivity, with one photo in particular having gone viral this past weekend:

Iskra captioned the now-famous photo by saying

oh hey there.. Yes this is clearly a booty pic but do you see why? Because I haven’t airbrushed my tiger stripe stretch marks 🐯 or my cellulite lightening bolts ⚡️ or my back fat 🌮🍔🍕because this is my body, I love it it’s real and I love posting pictures showing how confident I am because society has taught us we have “flaws” and I’m telling you who gives a.. Because you are more than your body and you get to decide what beauty is❤️ #iskralawrence#everyBODYisbeautiful pic by @imruhul tag a friend who’s flaws are flawless & are imperfectly perfect

The photo has more than 32,000 likes and over 3,000 comments, with people from all over commenting how body positivity is still a challenge for them but people like Iskra are helping them to overcome their mental barriers. One user even said “I’ve always been terrified of people seeing my stretch marks and cellulite….people like you give me more confidence 🙂 thank you x.” As for what Iskra’s been up to since her photo’s gone viral, well let’s just say her Instagram is pure heat:


[H/T Unilad]