Rihanna’s Video For ‘Stay’ With The Music Removed Is Just Her Taking A Bath, Farting In The Tub

by 5 years ago
Rihanna Stay without music


Rihanna should make all her videos like this.

Mario Wienerroither, the man who brought us Britney Spears’ hilariously squeaky musicless “Oops I Did It Again” video (among many others) is back with more hilarity and this time his target is Rihanna’s song “Stay.”

Now I don’t want to say that this version of Rihanna’s video is better, but it is WAY BETTER. It’s just basically a full minute of Ri-Ri hanging out naked in a bathub, making odd moaning and grunting noises, squeaking her skin against the porcelain, farting, yes, FARTING, and pretty much just looking all wet and sexy.

Yes, this is most definitely Rihanna’s best video yet.

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