Scalding Sahara Ray, Justin Bieber’s Ex, Is Hotter Than The Hinges Of Hades (15 PICS)

There is no denying that smokeshow Sahara Ray is scorching hot.

You could see why Justin Bieber would covet such a beautiful model.


What is she thinking about? Her dreams? Her aspirations? Why there was a corn in her feces when she didn’t eat corn?

Nice dress? Shirt? Sheet?

Mind if I grab the daily crossword?

What a view!

Reading is FUNdamental.


If you feelin’ like a pimp, go and lick your shoulders off.

Stupid fucking squiggly lines.

Sure Sahara Ray is jaw-droppingly hot, but how does she not know how to sleep correctly on a bed?

Nice shoes.

TLC is full of shit. You should definitely go chasing waterfalls especially if the stunning Sahara Ray is there.