Why Did Sasha Cohen Delete This Instagram Of Her Straddling Her Fiance Late Last Night?


We here at the men’s general interest web publication BroBible are huge fans of Sasha Cohen’s Instagram account.

How could you not be, really? Pictures of an Olympic figure skater in a bathing suit perfecting her splits? Call me a perv (I am), but I’m not against appreciate something like this.

In fact, I typically measure the start of summer by when Sasha Cohen throws up the first one of those. But this year, nada. Zilch. Maybe it’s because she just got engaged (good for her), but what are us Bros to do? Consult the meteorological calendar?


So I’ll say perusing Instagram late last night, I was quite happy to see this.

Thoughts, Bros? How’d this wind up on Instagram? Was it supposed to be a PM to another couple inviting them to swing?

That’s my guess. I hope they found swinging love late on a Sunday, or at least had sex that night, because it looks like they were about to and it would be sad if they didn’t.