SI Confirms Ronda Rousey’s Swimsuit Edition Feature With Another Hot Body Paint Pic And Some Side Boob


Buffalo David Bitton

Ronda, Ronda, Ronda. How you amaze me–it was just earlier this week, we were all worried about you after you posted some hyper-emo Instagram post that indicated you haven’t left your basement since the Holm disaster. I imagined you were eating sticks of butter and watching old knockout videos.

But, like many of my opinions, I was wrong.

Ronda just swagged all over me with this mesmerizing ass shot in a SI Swimsuit teaser image, which was memorialized by the internet’s photoshop treatment.

Today, Sports Illustrated officially confirmed Ronda Rousey will be featured in the 2016 Edition by giving us a front view of the body paint pic heard round the world.

Eye candy.

SI then did God’s work and re-posted some of the fire photos from Ronda’s 2015 SI Swimsuit appearance.

More eye candy. And now I’m diabetic.

[h/t Uproxx]

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