Can Someone Check On Ronda Rousey After She Posted This Emo Ass Instagram Post?

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Has anyone seen Ronda? I remember when I broke up with my ex, I stayed in bed for a good three days listening to Bon Iver scrolling through old text messages. It was a dark time but after 72 hours and three cartons of Ben and Jerry’s, you realize that your heart is still beating and you desperately need a shower.

Well it’s been seven weeks since Rowdy Ronda took a kick to the head and lost her UFC belt to the severe underdog in Holly Holm. From the above Instagram post, it still seems like Ronda is wallowing in sorrow, listening to Dashboard Confessional and watching old knockouts.

Ronda, if you’re reading this, we still love you. Please put down the stick of butter and get your ass back in the gym. You have a title to reclaim.

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