Sylvester Stallone’s Hot USC Trojan Daughter Sophia Is Really Good At Social Media

sophia stallone pics

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Back in November we made the fortunate discovery that one of our favorite bros on the planet Sylvester Stallone has a hot daughter named Sophia Stallone who goes to USC.

We also discovered that Sophia is pretty dang good at Instagram, which was also quite fortunate.

Since then we’ve noticed that Sly has been taking her and his other offspring around to a bunch of events such as this fashion show you see above. That’s Sophia on the right and her sister Sistine on the left.

Naturally this fascinating new development led me to wanting to keep tabs on Sophia to see what kind of things she’s up to at ole SC. Turns out that was a good idea as you shall see. While Sophia doesn’t post a lot, what she does share is just enough to keep our interest. It’s almost like she has someone famous in her family who knows how to work the media.
In case you missed our initial discovery of Sophia I’ll save you a click and share a little taste of what you missed. I’m nice like that.

Keep up the good work, Sophia.