Steve-O Makes The First Trick Shot Video Worth Watching: ‘Titty Trick Shots!’ With Sexy Laura Lux

Steve-O is a visionary, and he realized that the world of trick shots is bereft of innovation. That’s why he enlisted the gigantic mammaries of Laura Lux, and if that name rings a bell it’s because the smokin’ hot DJ actually took over our @BroBible Snapchat last weekend while partying at Gage Lounge in Houston, Texas.

Now let’s get back to ‘Titty Trick Shots!’ with Steve-O. Already this video is pushing close to 1 million views on YouTube, but that’s got NOTHING on the 30+ million views it’s already picked up on Facebook. Without question, this is the most popular video that Steve-O’s done since he left MTV’s Jackass and Wildboyz, and this includes the time he climbed a crane in Los Angeles to protest Sea World, a stunt that later landed him in jail for a brief stint.

Really the only thing that I find disturbing about this video is how old Steve-O’s looking these days, that gray hair coming in on the sides is alarming:

@DarthLux, aka Laura Lux, is killing it though and looking as youthful as ever on Instagram:

For more from Laura Lux be sure to check out our recap of her Snacpchat takeover by CLICKING HERE, and for previous Steve-O coverage on BroBible you can just click his name and follow that link!

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