This Is A Story About Kesha, A Triceratops Fossil, A Stolen Toy Dinosaur, And Probably Drugs

Pop singer Kesha is known for … … … …

Well, shit. I can’t really think of anything she’s known for. Sure, she had that song with Pitbull, but that crescendo of fame has totally fizzled out, and while I enjoy her brand of shitty-techno pop, I’m not sure many others do.

(Fun fact: I once convinced two friends of mine to attend a Kesha concert with me. This was only a couple years ago. We pre-gamed outside the venue for two hours and after realizing we were the only three people who weren’t 13-year-old girls decided to leave. Everyone was pretty happy with the choice.)

But apparently Kesha is a fan of dinosaurs. She’s even got a track on her debut album Animal called ‘Dinosaur.’

(Sample lyrics: “D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R you are a dinosaur.” Real deep stuff)

In fact, she loves dinosaurs so much that when she was at the L.A. Museum of National History for a wedding, she lifted one from the gift shop. Per TMZ:

On her way out she went to the gift store with her assistant and admired a faux T-Rex. She held the 3-ft tall critter in her hand and walked out of the store.

On her way to the car security stopped them and asked them what was up with the prehistoric beast. Each said they thought the other paid and apologized for the misunderstanding. Kesha forked over the dinosaur and left.

Man, is her career that bad that she can’t even afford toy dinosaurs?

She also posed with a triceratops fossil and tweeted a pic with the caption “Suck it @naturalhistorymuseum I’m standing on the dinosaur bitches,” so maybe drugs were involved.

Here’s the picture.

She deleted it after paleontologists got pissed.

Man, who knew Kesha was such a lover of the Late Cretaceous Era (the best era of dinosaurs, in my opinion)?