Bradley Cooper’s Ex Suki Waterhouse Showed Off A Whole Lot Of Skin At The ‘Pan’ Premiere

Suki Waterhouse is a really good dresser.

Bradley Cooper has obviously moved on very well since breaking up with 23-year-old model Suki Waterhouse (cough, Irina Shayk) so maybe this outfit that Waterhouse wore to the world premiere of Pan was supposed to send some kind of message.

Granted there was no nipple this time, at least as far as I can see from these photos, but there was plenty of skin on display for all in attendance to see.

I’m not sure exactly why she was there other than the fact that she’s from London and that’s where the premiere took place. I don’t see her name among the acting credits on IMDb. Her British modeling peer Cara Delevingne has a bit part in the film as a mermaid, so maybe Suki was there to show her support.

Eh, doesn’t really matter, does it?