Bradley Cooper’s Girlfriend Irina Shayk Had Herself A VERY Sexy Weekend

It must be weird being in a relationship if you’re super famous. Take for example Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper. Normal people who are in a relationship would be sharing pictures and talking about their relationship with their friends on social media. But if you’re Bradley Cooper mostly what your girlfriend does is share hot photos of herself with no sign that you even exist in her life.

For instance, this past weekend Irina shared some seriously sexy pics of herself in a bikini hanging out in a pool. Any sign of B-Coop? No chance. Honestly, I don’t know how these guys who date supermodels do it. I think I’d have concerns about thousands of guys gawking at my girlfriend in a bikini on a regular basis. Then again, I guess when you’re as big time as Bradley Cooper is confidence isn’t really an issue is it?

Anyway, here’s Irina looking as sexy as ever in a bikini over the weekend because that’s what she does.

And here are a couple more hot pics she shared recently because she’s a supermodel like that…