Sultry Salma Hayek Gets Naked In Her New Rom-Com, So Here’s Footage To Save You From Having To Watch The Entire Movie

It must be so incredibly difficult for female actresses in their late 30’s and 40’s who get stiff competition from 20-year-olds who haven’t had time or gravity ravage their bodies. However that quandary does not apply to the scintillating Salma Hayek. The gorgeous Hollywood actress, who turns 49-YEARS-OLD in a few weeks, has such a ridiculously sexy body (As you can see in the recent Instagram photo above) that she’s naked in her upcoming movie Some Kind of Beautiful.

Salma’s character is banging Pierce Brosnan when Kate, his ex-wife and Hayek’s sister, comes over. Hayek panics and sprints out of Bronson’s bed only using a pillow to cover her nude body. She runs past the gardener, ditches the pillow and jumps into the pool naked. You can watch this exclusive clip of Salma running around butt naked from Some Kind of Beautiful on E!.

Kate is played by the equally hot Jessica Alba, so I guess if you must go see a rom-com with your wife or girlfriend then it should probably be in your best interests to see Some Kind of Beautiful, and check out Salma’s hiney and see the gorgeous Alba.

Is Salma going to be over-the-top mind-numbingly seductive in this rom-com marketed for women in their mid-40’s who wear black shirts with a bedazzled martini glass with the caption “It’s 5’o clock somewhere” and still think Pierce Bronson is a stud? Probably not, but she does have a lovely derriere, and unfortunately every movie can’t have the same sex appeal like From Dusk Til Dawn.

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