Is This Shirt SI Swimsuit Model Samantha Hoopes Is Wearing See-Through? Because I’m Pretty Sure It Is

Samantha Hoopes, whom we love and think should have gotten SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year in 2014 (well, at least I do), was back in this year’s issue and shot this video of herself trying to take a selfie. Wait, how the hell do you do both at the same time? Is she a witch?

Anyway, Samantha was apparently on her way to SI Swimsuit Launch Week, whatever that is, and was wearing a shirt that, thanks to the bouncing car and lack of stabilization on her camera makes it appear as if her shirt was see-through. As I said, I cannot confirm this, but it is an interesting question nonetheless.

If it was see-through, however, I would like the be first in line for tickets to the 2016 SI Swimsuit Launch Week festivities. Assuming they sell tickets.

As for this outfit that Samantha Hoopes was wearing a week ago. It most definitely was see-through.

Since we’re sharing, this is Samantha Hoopes in a bra.

And this is her in a bikini.

She’s also really good at underboob. Shoulda been Rookie of the Year.

I think that about covers it. Thank you, drive thru.