Tara Reid Wiggles Her Non-Existent Booty In Latest Instagram Video Presented By, You Guessed It, Meth

by 4 years ago


This video from our friend Tara Reid was posted four hours ago, or about 11 a.m. West Coast time.

I have a few questions. Why is she wearing all leather this early in the morning? Is she still drunk from the night before? Maybe. Is it, you know, the harder drugs that are inspiring this strut?

But I know you are going to say. What booty and who cares? I don’t fucking know. I really don’t. But if we are all just nihilistically circling the sun, a collection of atoms with no purpose other than slowly decaying to the lowest state of entropy, we might as well enjoy everything Tara Reid does. I know you may hate it, but I love watching every moment of a demented, attractive wealthy person documenting their insanity online.

Even if it’s only her shaking her non-existent butt for a short second.

Seriously, where is that thing?

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