Tara Reid’s Newest Bikini Photos Are Really Bringing Out The Horrible Douchebags Of The Internet

Amazing ocean in Puerto Rico 👌😎💜

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The worst thing the Internet has done to the world is give average people the impression that their opinions matter. Newsflash guys: you’re all are irrelevant. I’m irrelevant, you’re irrelevant, and every single person who comments nasty shit on Tara Reid’s Instagram photos? Y’all are somehow worse than irrelevant – think Carrot Top levels of irrelevancy, or Carly Fiorina levels of irrelevancy if you’re into politics. You are THAT bad.

If you’ve managed to live your life thus far without having commented something nasty on a celebrity’s Instagram account, then good – you obviously have more going on in your life than these losers:




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Why? Why?? How is any of this warranted or necessary? Why do YOU care what Tara Reid looks like? Look after yourself a little bit more instead, why don’t you? Tara Reid is successful and actually DOING something with her life whereas you’re sitting in front of a monitor bitching about how she’s too “skinny.” Are you bitching because in reality you’re actually just a cow in a human suit who needs to tear others down to feel bad about yourself? Is that it? Because if that’s honestly the case I’d normally tell you to kill yourself, but JCamm told me I can’t encourage suicide anymore so instead I’ll just say that you need therapy. Lots of it. Fuck off of Tara Reid’s dick and buy some self-improvement books before throwing stones at glass houses.

In the El Yunque rain forest Rico 💜💜💜💜beautiful!

A photo posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

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