Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, Looks DAMN GOOD In A Bra And Panties

by 3 years ago

So today I was perusing the celebrity gossip sites as I am wont to do and saw a story about how Tim Tebow was dating 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. I thought, hey, that looks familiar. That’s because, yo, we reported that like a month ago. Not exactly breaking news, but hey, maybe you missed it the first time.

Anyway, I’m a huge Olivia Culpo fan. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world in my opinion. The fact that she’s dating Tim Tebow is fine with me because as we all know he isn’t having any sex with her so really there’s nothing to be jealous of other than he gets to hang with her until she gives up and wants someone who will give her the D.

So because of those feelings I have for Miss Culpo I decided to see what she’s been up to on Instagram lately and I came to find out that she recently did a stunningly sexy photo shoot for Esquire Latinoamérica. A photo shoot that not only involved her wearing nothing but a bra and panties, but also involved her doing so while soaking in a bathtub. Why she was wearing underwear in a bathtub is a mystery, but it is still pretty cool nonetheless as you will see.

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