Tinder Girl Has An INSANE Request For Her Matches, Involves Getting Revenge On A Guy Who Slept With Her Ex



If you read through what Tammy wants her Tinder matches to do for her in exchange for a blowjob and think to yourself “Hm, that doesn’t sound so bad” then dude…take that pussy off the pedestal and maybe spend some time jerking off instead of hounding wet mouths. There is no way in HELL anyone with even a modicum of self respect would ever go through with this, and if they did then the chances this chick follows through with a blowjob (assuming said blowjob-recipient manages to post bail in a timely fashion; like you’re NOT gonna get arrested for peeing on someone’s face) are slim.

But hey, what do I know? Maybe she’s a woman of her word.





[Via Imgur]

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